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Prepare for an unforgettable Battleship showdown!

Play various shooting games based on the classic naval board game. We have been gathering different targets for all different difficulty levels and we extend an invitation for you to join in the excitement of sinking ships and sharing laughter with friends. Let the epic battles commence!

Date: Saturday, February 24th

Time: Starting at 6:30 pm

We'll provide targets for games of varying skill levels. Feel free to bring your standard caliber handgun, .22lr rifle, or pistol caliber carbine, adhering to our regular range rules.

This event is all about laid-back enjoyment and camaraderie—no pressure, no formal competition. Just come together and have a blast playing Battleship on the range!

Whether you're a seasoned fleet commander or a Battleship newbie, all are welcome to embark on this nautical adventure! Secure your spot now at

$35 Per Person
$25 for Gadsden or Spartan Members

Fill out the form and tell us how many people to register and their names.